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Your online reputation is the heart of your business online in May 2022. The stronger your online presence, the easier it becomes to swing customers into buying your products or draw attention from people outside of your existing target markets.

Our online reputation management (ORM) services aim to counter the negative press that you might receive from the internet, the poor reception that some customers may have gotten, and anything else that could be weakening your online reputation.

Handled by experts that have had countless hours of experience in the field, our online reputation management works in multiple ways at once, making sure that your company appears in the best light possible.

Do not let a few bad reviews or a delivery mix-up ruin your chances of getting more customers and a positive social media buzz – get in touch, and we can work on a hand-crafted online reputation management strategy that suits your company’s needs perfectly.


We offer a number of great Online Reputation Management services and are more than happy in assisting you on anything you need for your reputation.

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Why is reputation management important for an online business?

The online world has become less and less consistent as time has passed, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Benefits of online reputation management

While our personal recommendations for future goals will depend on each company, there are certain things that apply to all businesses and that are worth aiming for no matter what.

First Impressions

No matter how large your business is, bad press and poor product reception can lead to all kinds of issues with your online reputation. Negative customer feedback can be one of the biggest hurdles for a successful business to overcome and will often drive away potential customers.

Reputation management is also important for making a good first impression. If you appear in search results or on social media platforms and have a lot of freely visible negative feedback, newer customers are likely to completely skip over your business.

Business Connections

Your brand’s reputation is not just about customers, either. A good business reputation can make it much easier to enter professional relationships, get important advertising spots, or even partner up with other companies. The more positive your reputation is, the easier these things become.

For example, if you appear in a lot of negative search results that condemn your company or call out certain mistakes that you have made, fewer companies may want to associate with you. The more severe the negative feedback is, the more trouble you can run into later on.


Reviews are one of the most important things that your online reputation can influence. Whether they are Facebook reviews or posts on dedicated review platforms, these negative comments can lead to major changes in how much business you get, especially if the review has content and is not just a star rating.

For example, a single four-star review pointing out some delayed shipping is not that bad, especially if it is surrounded by other five-star reviews. Multiple one-star reviews talking about aggressive customer service or damaged products is a serious problem and one that needs to be solved.

What Reputation Management Involves

Online reputation management has two major goals: monitor the current state of a business’s online reputation, and try to influence that reputation towards more positive content or posts.

In short, it focuses on getting rid of reputation-damaging posts and finding a way to generate more reputation-boosting content.

But what does it involve at a deeper level? Our online reputation management specialists are excellent at handling the reputation of almost any business, but what do we actually do for clients like you?


One of the biggest elements in an online reputation management campaign is reacting to the right content, whether that is good or bad.

This can mean things like approaching positive content (meme posts on social media, good reviews) to thank or engage with the topic, helping to build a more positive reputation among the people who see it.

This also covers engaging with negative content (negative reviews, customer complaints on social media) to try and apologise and resolve the situation. The negative content might still be there, but good public relations can spin that negativity into something positive with the right response.

Our team is experienced in understanding how to respond when you are mentioned online, both positively and negatively. Whatever your situation might be, a reputation management company like ours can help your business target the right kind of feedback at the right time.

Internet Monitoring

Of course, an online reputation management strategy only works if you understand what kind of opinions are being expressed about you online. Your brand image and the way that customers react to your online presence is extremely important, and not just for sales reasons.

The more online research you can put into your own online reputation, the easier it becomes to understand what is working and what is not.

Our team have become experienced with understanding which kinds of online content can have a negative impact, even if they are posted as positive content.

This can also help a lot when looking at reviews. If you can understand why a negative review is negative, then you can potentially fix the issue and make posts about the improvements or use it to prevent future negative reviews from appearing.

Online Reputation Management First Steps

If you are ready to consider online reputation management as an option, you need to know the basic first steps of what you are working towards. General reputation improvement is always good, but it helps to be more focused and have a plan in mind.

Make an online reputation management strategy

Your online reputation can be improved in a lot of different ways, but not without some kind of strategy. Without a plan, your online reputation management efforts might not spread beyond the users involved, making it a tiny reputation gain at best.

For example, if you are targeting review sites that have a lot of negative reviews, what is the plan? Are you going to argue with the negative reviews, apologise, provide solutions, promise a change or something else entirely?

Working with a reputation management agency like us is the best way to have a plan developed for you, helping you focus on running the business instead of having to juggle reviews and social media posts. If you are stuck on the planning stages, contact us and see what we can do to help.

Understand how online reputation management works

Online reputation management is not a perfect solution to every problem, and it also is not a specific pattern of repeated techniques used over and over again. Every single situation requires a bespoke solution, whether that is a social media customer complaint or a bad review.

This is one of the many reasons that our online reputation management services are so important: we can use our expertise and experience to perfect a solution to each situation. Not all reputation problems can be resolved, but they can at least be nullified or dealt with in a productive way.

If you are just rushing into reputation management completely unprepared, then you might harm your business’ own standing or even push customers away. This is most notable on social media, where a single post can be shared over and over again as negative content if you make a mistake.

Get in touch

You are going to need proper online reputation management to achieve the business success you need, especially if your online reputation across different platforms are already starting to struggle.

Contact us for online reputation management services that you can’t handle on your own. While it might seem easy to reply to a few reviews, things can quickly spiral out of control, especially as your business (and customer base) starts to grow.

Remember: the stakes for messing up your online reputation by yourself can be severe. If you make a few mistakes in a row, you can easily lose a lot of potential customers before you have the time to correct what you did wrong.

Understand what people think of you

What do you know about your current online reputations across different platforms? Are they positive? Negative? Is one site really positive while another site is negative?

The internet is not all one big hive-mind, so the more you understand about who is saying what, the easier it becomes to get involved in managing the entire mess. You are never popular online everywhere, and your own content can only appeal to so many people.

The easiest way to check is by putting your own brand name into a search engine, then looking through the search engine results. If you can’t find anything, tailor the search to more negative results using terms like “(brand name) is bad” or “(brand) negative review”.

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Online reputation management tips

Online reputation management can be tricky, but there are several things to consider when you are planning on taking it seriously. A lot of these are ideal for keeping your relationship with your customers stable, at least until something goes wrong.

Encourage positive reviews online

Your company’s reputation lives and dies based on reviews in May 2022. Always try to push for positive reviews, and if you do not already have a visible review page after a purchase or service, include it somewhere.

Our company can do the bulk of the work with ease, but the more time and effort you put into making customers want to leave positive feedback, the easier it becomes for us to include that in our strategies. It is a lot easier to get negative reviews than positive ones.

Monitor Brand Mentions Efficiently

Brand mentions are any mention of your brand name. These can be the key to finding an online review or piece of online content that mentions your brand, but doing so manually can be tough.

On a smaller scale, it is at least worth looking through social media posts that include your brand’s name.

We are able to use SEMrush brand monitoring tools and other pieces of key reputation management software to automate the process. This ensures that you always have up-to-date details about your brand mentions without any of the hassles that comes with gathering it all yourself.

Always Think Ahead

You do not need a complex reason to want to improve your company’s reputation, but it can often lead to time-limited opportunities that you can’t always take advantage of again. For example, if you overhaul something to generate social media buzz, that buzz eventually fades.

Working with us can make this a lot easier since each piece of reputation improvement that we actively participate in will have a plan of some kind. Even the smallest tweaks can lead to huge changes, and being prepared for that is an important part of the business world.

Actively Improve Your Reputation

Passive reputation improvements can happen, but you always want to be actively looking at your own online standing. Even if you are on the first page of Google search results and have multiple locations all across the country, negative press can still impact your sales and customer base.

If you are not sure what you need next, contact us to get a free consultation. We can look at your existing reputation and figure out what is needed to keep your positive reviews and reception on the first page of the Google search results, rather than negative news.

Perform an audit of your online reputation

Online review management and general reputation checks need a full audit – you want to understand your overall brand reputation across online reviews, local business sites and social media.

This is something that we can do very well, so if it all seems overwhelming, let us know what you need, and we can manage your reputation for you.

How long does reputation management take?

Online reputation management is not a binary thing: there is not a way to switch your reputation from good to bad and then keep it that way. It all depends on what you sell, the market you are aiming for, the current state of your customer base, your products, and countless other things.

In its purest form, online reputation management is never ‘finished. There will always be times where you get reviews, or somebody speaks out about how they donot recommend your company, even if you try your best.

However, individual situations are a different story – there can be some reputation issues that can be resolved in only one or two Tweets and others that require a full campaign to sort out.

The more time and effort it takes, the more serious the potential damage could be if something is left unresolved.

Is online reputation management the same as SEO?

Search engine optimisation and online reputation management share some similarities, but overall, they are very different processes that have slightly different end goals. Understanding them both can still be better than understanding neither, though – they are both excellent for online businesses.


Search engine optimization focuses heavily on online search results. It is all about making sure that your website appears high in the search results, ideally on the front page, and that it is the option your potential customers will click instead of any competing sites.

SEO also has influence over your relations with other companies and sites, getting links from them that can boost your online search presence.

With search engine optimization, you are essentially trying to improve the way that search engines see you, which influences how you appear in search results. The right links and keywords could put you high up in all search engines, even if your online reputation is terrible.


Online reputation management is more focused at the individual customer level – it is about spreading your business name and getting the attention without necessarily being a common sight in search results. It is also heavily involved in making sure that potential customers decide to risk purchasing from you.

While SEO and ORM are definitely linked in multiple ways, they target two different kinds of goals. However, this does not mean that they are not both valuable tools for your digital marketing efforts.

You can use ORM to focus on getting positive reception and building your online reputation effectively, with SEO making it easier for customers to find your website and be directed down the right funnels to convert (purchase, sign up, or some similar action).

Our online reputation services can make this much easier, tailoring your online presence to match with whatever you are currently trying to guide customers towards. Careful management of both SEO and ORM can be an incredibly powerful combination, but it requires constant tweaking to stay effective.

Dominate SERPs for Brand Searches

It is worth noting that SERPS (search engine results pages) are important in both. Social media channels and review pages can appear in searches, and you want to be sure that only your positive reception is appearing.

For example, consider United Airlines. Various controversies overtook their own name on certain searches, resulting in a lot of Google alerts that they were not able to fix. These days, United Airlines is often more known for its bad press than its business.

Why online reputation management matters for individuals

Individual business owners, freelancers and sole traders may not think that their online reputation is as important, but it can actually be more important than you would think. Sometimes, they can even be a risk that seriously impacts your potential future work.

If you are on business listings under your own name or as a one-person company that you use to source work, then it is easy for things to go badly.

Poor reception of something that you have created could lead to your name being pushed back in search results, especially if the poor reviews go viral.

Online reputation matters a lot to anybody, but when you are on your own, it can become much more serious.

Social media accounts that you use for both business and personal use can easily lead to arguments, bad reviews, customer complaints and misunderstandings from both sides.

All of the same risks that apply to businesses apply to individuals, but with the added problem that it can be hard to dedicate much time towards solving them. You do not have other employees to assist – which is where our services come in, making the process painless and a lot easier for everybody.

By using a professional team like ours, the risks of having to combat these issues alone go away, and you get a lot more control over the entire situation.

Your time is also freed up to focus on the business itself, something that can be important if you are preparing to expand or grow.

At Online Reputation Management, we can assist you on the best options available. Make sure you contact us today for a number of great Online Reputation Management services.

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What is a fake review?

Around 90% of all customers feel like they have read fake posts in the past year, and almost all review-readers struggle to tell which are real and which are fake. This creates a problem when you are trying to work out where you went wrong since some customers have not even used the product.

There are three types of fake: positive, negative and spam reviews.

Positive Fakes

A positive faked review is a review usually created by the company itself through a review generation or purchasing system.

These reviews are basically meant to offer more positive five-star reviews, but without getting real customers to review the product.

This is always a black-hat method that real customers usually see-through, but it works just enough to make certain shady companies try it.

On rare occasions, a competing company might buy or write another company blatantly fake reviews, trying to make it look like they bought it themselves. This is very rare and easily resolved, though.

Negative Fakes

Negative faked reviews are another underhanded tactic used to make another company or product look bad, written with false information or outright lies in them.

These are often easy to pick out, but some well-written ones can look legitimate, creating a problem that can’t be resolved and a customer that can’t have their mind changed because they do not really exist.

You can sometimes remove negative reviews like this if you can prove that they are spam or respond to them as if they are real. Keeping a professional head is often the best way to spin negative faked reviews into a positive tool.

Spam Reviews

A lot of faked reviews and comments are going to be spam-related. They will either contain links to other company websites (to get people to click, or as part of black-hat SEO techniques), or they will try to trick readers into clicking links that take them to other sites or scam pages.

Most of these are auto-generated and can be easily filtered out, with most internet-savvy readers ignoring them completely. However, they can still impact your overall star rating on some sites.

Removing them, if possible, is often the best idea. You can’t resolve the problem being mentioned because there is no problem.

Misinformed Fakes

The fourth kind is misinformed reviews, ones made by people who do not know any better.

Some people will complain about having to accept cookies to use your site, even though they accept cookies to make the login or cart system work, for example.

A lot of these can be cleared up with a simple explanation and are quite rare, but they can happen often enough. The most common examples come from people who misread product details and bought something unpainted or a product that comes in a kit rather than pre-constructed.

Who writes online reviews?

Some customers will never post online reviews or even read reviews on a regular basis. These are people who will not really influence the review side of your reputation unless they have a poor customer experience.

It is much easier to receive a negative product review compared to a positive one.

Negative posts require you to have done anything wrong, even something small, whereas the positive alternatives often only happen if a customer is really pleased with your services or products.

Because of this, it is often beneficial to push for good reviews as often as possible, as long as it does not irritate the customers. The more you can get, the less impact a single negative post will be.

Online reviews from review sites can be a mixed bag, but they might appear during an online search, so you want as many positive ones as possible. This lowers the chance of a possible customer’s first exposure to your company being a complaint.


What does an online reputation manager do?

An online reputation manager uses tools like Google Alert to keep track of what is being said about their client, react to it, and hopefully spin it into positive news or press.

What does online reputation management include?

Online reputation management covers a lot of different techniques, but the general idea is to manage a company’s general reputation, improve it where possible, and prevent outside sources from harming their client’s standing.

How do you manage online reputation management?

Online reputations can be tough to manage, which is why many local businesses turn to outside sources of help. We are one of those sources, and we have a lot of experience in making sure that our clients remain loved and popular in even the toughest of times.

What is online reputation management in digital marketing?

Online reputation management, at the end of the day, is another form of marketing. However, it only uses things that are happening to the business, relying on an understanding of how customers react and what kind of content can cause the biggest boost to the client’s reputation.

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